Cecil Touchon (b. 1956) is a contemporary painter, performance artist, collector, draftsman, photographer, and curator.  But it is through his collages that he has made his most lasting mark, as serene and abstract works that fuse drawing, painting and collage.  His work has influenced the work of countless artists, and have been included in private and public collections around the globe.  Touchon’s works are included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL, the Tate Modern, London, UK, The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA, the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, the Fogg Museum of Art Archive, Cambridge, MA, Archivo Francesco Conz, Verona Italy, and the Glasgow School of Art Library, UK.


In 1987 Touchon co-founded the International Post-Dogmatist Group (IPDG), primarily as an alternative to a post-modernist view of the world suggesting that creativity and artistic pursuits must be based in a recognition of the spiritual underpinnings of all human activities. The IPDG addresses itself to the art world through a presentation of itself as the 'official avant-garde' creating an elaborate bureaucratic structure of outlandish sounding offices through which the various members communicate simulating 'the establishment' as a form of parody.  This can be seen in his large-scale Post-Dogmatic Series.


Touchon's other works from his Fusion Series has been described as his ongoing obsession with manipulating color and shape. He constructs his engaging compositions from materials that are readily available to him. His reaction to life in Mexico richly infiltrates his newer works. Touchon describes the myriad of buildings whose walls and roofs are painted to reflect the type of business conducted within. Panels of billboards that have run beyond their contract time are rearranged to become unreadable rather than taken down, although one can still discern the products from the recognizable colors and type styles. Many of Touchon’s current works are constructed by cutting up and rearranging lettering from wrestling posters that he finds pasted, one on top of the other, sometimes an inch thick, throughout his neighborhood.


Touchon currently works and resides in Colorado.



"The hunt for materials is a big part of a collage artist’s activity and these materials, to a great degree, determine the nature of the artist’s work and in my case, I welcome the stimulus that becomes the impetus for new methods of construction and new compositional ideas. Most often, in years past, I have focused on book sized papers found in second hand shops, flea markets and antique stores from Paris, Texas to Paris France. Recently, however, I have taken an interest in street posters and roadside billboards and the large typographic shapes that they contain in a quest to move from the small intimate scale I have been accustomed to toward a comparatively larger scale of work that might allow me to work on canvas and panel supports without losing the attention to detail. I think of these works as a sort of visual or concrete poetry albeit a nonobjective one whose interest is not in being tied to literary meaning but a meaning of a purely visual nature."


CECIL TOUCHON Private Conversations from Laura Rathe Fine Art on Vimeo.