Chris Rivers is a self taught artist from Manchester, England. A former professional rock drummer turned artist, Chris began painting in 2013 whilst touring the world as drummer for UK rock band Heaven’s Basement, seeing painting as a positive escape to the chaotic existence of being a touring musician.


His dramatic and dynamic works are a blend of Renaissance, Impressionism and Rococo styles fussed together in a Surrealistic approach.

“I paint what inspires and excites me, my paintings all tend to come from story ideas, similar to the way a song tells a story. I love anything that is thought provoking and leaves room for the viewer to make their own interpretation of it. I love how painting takes me out of reality, there’s endless possibilities and no rules. Everything is very much based on trial and error, I’ve found things that work for me, I love the point where a painting can crash and burn or turn into something great, it keeps me engaged.


I enjoy playing around with the idea that not everything is what it first seems, something that can tell one story from a distance can tell a different story when you get closer, It’s the things you don’t notice at first, a darker side to innocence or the other way around. I’m always looking to find contrast in my work, with the colors and story. I’m keen to keep trying new things evolving. I want to experiment as much as possible with how to give something that might seem normal a twist. 


I’m not looking to follow any trends or fit in, I like to keep things simple and just paint what I love or what inspires me at that moment in time."