Though his technique traces back to the 14th century, Christopher Martin’s approach to "Verre Églomisé" is entirely modern. He captures abstractions inspired by wood grain, the cosmos, sun, sea, or even ski tracks—magnificently—all while painting “in reverse" on acrylic panels. Christopher coaxes layer upon layer of sheer pigment and water to achieve his vision ~ harnessing brushes, wind, heat, and gravity. As Simone Bretz, a former curator of the Munich Metropolitan Museum and noted expert in reverse glass painting states, “Well-executed reverse-glass paintings do not reveal the complexity of their manufacture. Since the designs are applied to the back of glass panes, they must be built up in reverse – starting with the foreground and working “backwards” – which makes corrections virtually impossible.”

Martin continues to broaden the scope of his collectors and admirers around the globe. A completely self-taught artist, he is now shown and represented by acclaimed art galleries and dealers in Houston, Dallas, Aspen, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Brussels.

In the twenty years since he began painting, his works have been sought for notable private and corporate collections, including U.S. Presidents, CEO’s, Gensler Architecture, Boeing Aerospace, Vincent and Elkins, Starbucks, the Ritz Carlton, Metropolitan Life, and MGM. The 2011 BOMA International Toby Award went to the Wells Fargo Plaza in Houston with its centerpiece -- two 21-ft. commissioned paintings by Martin. In November 2012, he celebrated the completion and installation of a 120-ft. painting aptly titled, "Velocity," consisting of 15 consecutive panels for the Formula One Racetrack, Circuit of the Americas, in Austin, Texas.

Martin currently works and resides in Aspen, Colorado.


Met Life - Houston, TX
Omni Hotel - Dallas, TX
Circuit of the Americas - Austin, TX
Former President George Bush Sr. - Houston, TX
Hillwood Company - Dallas, TX
Mirage Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, NV
Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Beverly Hills, CA
Ritz Carlton - Tucson, AZ
Deloite & Touche - Dallas, TX
Anheuser Busch - St. Louis, MO
Vincent and Elkins - Dallas - Houston - Washington
Motorola - Austin, TX
Cushman Wakefield - Dallas - New York
MGM Grand Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, NV
Westin - Napa Valley, CA
Equinox Gym & Spa - Dallas, TX
Nordstrom - Portland, OR
Boeing Areospace - St. Louis, MO
Mandarin Oriental - Dallas, TX
Wachovia - Houston, TX
Stroz Friedberg - Dallas, TX - Chicago, TX
Starbucks - Seattle, WA
Gensler Architecture - Dallas, TX
Adera Inc. - Stockholm, Sweden
Hyatt Hotels - Dallas, TX - Key West, FL
American Financial International - Houston, TX
Mercantile - Dallas, TX
Palms Steakhouse - Palm Springs, CA
Lazarus Property - Dallas, TX
Verve Communications Inc.- Dallas, TX
Ameri-First Securities - Dallas, TX
Oxy Medical, Inc. - Dallas, TX
Arcturus Corporation - Dallas - New York
Credit Unions, Inc. - Phoenix, AZ
Penbrook Capital, Inc. - Dallas, TX
SCA Technologies, Inc. - Dallas, TX
North Texas Wind Symphony - Dallas, TX
Blake Agency, Inc. - Chicago, IL
Art Source, Inc. - Chicago, IL
1401 Elm Place Commission - Dallas, TX
Budco - San Antonio, TX
Wachovia - Houston, TX
1505 Elm - Dallas, TX
McKinney One Place - Dallas, TX
Metallo Design - Hong Kong
Thirty Thirty Bryan - Dallas, TX
Raging Wire - Ashburn, VA
Weinberg Properties - New York City, NY
Vess Oil Corporation - Dallas, TX