New York-based interdisciplinary artist Gene Kiegel (b. 1974, Ukraine) explores the overlooked beauty of organic interactions, whether of creative or destructive nature.  His work is influenced by the Bauhaus ideals heavily embedded at the school of Architecture at UC Berkeley; process-based artists like Gerhard Richter, Otto Pienne and Alberto Burri; and embracing the unintended chemical reactions found in photographic mediums like film and Polaroid.

Gene Kiegel creates his work through orchestrated reactions of basal elements in a controlled environment. His choice of medium results in generation of abstract organic forms that look alien yet entirely familiar.  In essence, the artwork is a process-based monotypic reaction. Its intended isolation forces the viewer to make a unique reading and connection based on their personal associations. 

All the artwork is purposely “Untitled” to further underline the artist’s desire not to impose his interpretation but rather encourage viewer’s personal response. Its scale and placement lend a departure from everyday viewing experience, giving a glimpse to a beauty present in most rudimentary organic reaction, which would otherwise be left unnoticed in its native context.



I believe the artist’s role is to remind people of the beauty which surrounds them. People are often drawn to the same objects, concepts and ideas, but for individual reasons. Whether we admit it or not, the foundation of this attraction is always the same – an appreciation of life in all its forms, including those beyond human comprehension.


UC Berkeley, BA in Architecture, Environmental Design



Winner / Grant award from Carol Feuerman Sculpture Foundation 2015

Best Foreign Fashion Photographer and People’s Choice Award - 2007/2008
Winner of the Advertising Photographers of America / Photographic District News competition - 2003



Palm Springs Art Fair, 2018 with Sponder Gallery

Palm Beach Contemporary, 2018 with Sponder Gallery

Art Miami, 2017 with Sponder gallery

CONTEXT Art Miami, with VIMM gallery



Mixing Medias: Carole Feuerman Sculpture Foundation, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NewJersey

Gene Kiegel:  The Dina Collection, Beverly Hills, California

Trend and Style: Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia

Solo Exhibition: Publicis, London



Design on a Dime Auction by Housing Works, New York, New York