Born in Tupelo, MS, contemporary landscape artist, Kevin Gillentine began painting and drawing at the young age of 14. Following his undergraduate studies at Mississippi College, Gillentine received a graduate degree from Memphis State University. In further pursuit of his art career, he moved to New York City, where he worked for 7 years as an artist for the Broadway theatre and motion pictures. During this time, he continued his studies in painting at F.I.T.


After relocating to New Orleans, LA in 1995, Gillentine’s painting technique evolved into soft and serene compositions reminiscent of hillsides, landscapes and waterscapes of the old South. Since his move, his work has been acquired in various private and public collections, and has appeared in several national publications.




“I just want to capture a moment. Maybe not in the way it appears to the rest of the world, but in the way I see it in my head, which is always colored by my childhood memories of the rural south. I always hope my paintings look like memories rather than photographs.”