Matt Devine is an exceptional metal sculptor and self-taught artist. Devine began honing his metal fabrication skills in 1995 and transitioned to full-time sculpting in 2001. His nonrepresentational sculptures are known for their clean and harmonizing aesthetic, which often seem to defy gravity. Devine’s artwork is seamless and evokes weightlessness, yet is fabricated using heavy metals such as steel, aluminum and bronze. Repetition of form, placement and minimalistic patterns create a sense of balance and harmony in his work.


Devine’s sculpture is currently on display at highly-regarded fine art galleries across the country. His creations can be found in private American collections in locations ranging from Los Angeles to New York and international collections on five continents. Devine has expanded his scope to include design and fabrication of large-scale public works on display in prominent urban settings.


Devine currently works and resides in Southern California.




"The search for harmony and balance is the driving force behind my work. The use of systematic repetition, intentional minimalism and controlled multiplicity are themes through which to quell inner struggle. Drawn to the strength, subtle beauty and endurance of steel, bronze and aluminum, I welcome error in my process, as it is a constant reminder of the trials in life and as an artist."