Texas Artist, Ray Phillips has always held a passion for creating art. Like many artists, Phillips's artistic journey began as a young child; covering every scrap of paper and blank space available to him with his drawing. Quickly acknowledging his desire to create, Phillips’s mother further encouraged him to cultivate his talents by enrolling him in the prestigious Houston Museum of Fine Art School, now named the Glassell School of Art. Through this opportunity of study, Phillips learned the fundamentals of art, an education that would continue throughout his life and lead to a professional career in art, design and music.


Phillips’s work has evolved into an amalgam of typography, abstract composition, collage/ mixed media and hidden secrets. Citing Robert Rauschenberg as both an influence and a personal hero, Phillips states, “I have always done mixed media, abstract, and pop art, and I love adding text into my work.” As each unique piece is initiated in his mind and translated to canvas, Phillips’s work is as much an intellectual pursuit as creative endeavor.