Sydney Yeager presently lives and works in Austin, Texas.


In this body of work, I tread a fine line between control and abandon. The rough energy of the images hover in a field of delicate wash, or on untouched canvas.  The current work is a change from my previous paintings  which were built layer upon layer, leaving many paintings beneath the surface.   In this new work, I enjoy this challenge of working very directly, with little possibility of re-thinking or revising.  The bones of the earlier work are now revealed. The gesture is laid bare.
There are some things which have always remained constant in my work.  My love of the physicality of the medium has always propelled me.  I continue to explore the sensuous nature of oil paint, which has a weight and viscosity that is unequalled in other media. Color is an ongoing experiment, ever challenging and surprising. 
Another constant, a conceptual concern, has been my interest in fragments. Despite the evolution of my work over many years of painting, I have always alluded to the fragment. The fragment implies a whole, but a mysterious whole which can only be imagined.  There is an implied presence, but an absence as well.  The fragment is always in motion. “Fragment presumes fragmentation, an action whose results can never be entirely foreseen…” “The Fragment: An Incomplete History “ p.1., Tronzo. 
The question is whether fragments are nostalgic reminders of the past or the beginnings of a new form.  The answer is never clear, and is always interesting to me.