Originally from Bath, New York, Tara Conley is a multi-media sculptor who lives and works in Houston, Texas. She holds a BFA from the School for American Crafts at Rochester Institute of Technology. Conley works in fiber, metal (cast and fabricated) and fiberglass, often mixing materials and processes in surprising ways. She has an extraordinary knack for creating organic, yet original, shapes from man-made materials, adding a delightful sense of humor and wonder to the mix. Her sculptures hug the ground, hang from the ceiling and extend from the wall.


Conley's notable 'Text Statements' series is a collection of cast bronze phrases in curvilinear script, which hang a few inches from the wall and cast a shadow, like an echo of the voice once heard.  Additional pieces within the series are presented in various forms including embroidered pillowcases, etched limestone, printed highball glasses and doormats.

At 8 feet tall, her most significant work to date, 'Bronze Bunny', is currently on display in New Orleans' historic Lafayette Square, along with the work of artist Louise Bourgeois and Aria Da Capo, as part of Sculpture for New Orleans, a two-year exhibition of outdoor artworks by more than 30 national and international artists.


Conley has shown her work coast to coast, from Seattle to Massachusetts, with major exhibitions in Houston and New York.