Alan Alldredge

Born in Texas in 1967 to well-known artist Joy Alldredge Alan started his purely professional art career at the young age of twelve. He specialized in large-scale floral watercolors for the first decade of his career. Among his early accomplishments, he received the “Best Young Artist in Texas:” scholarship (TACA) which he used to attend seminary and received a major publishing contract soon out of high school.

Always inspired by natural or organic abstraction, his present work still reflects the contours and layers of imagery found in his early exotic experimentation with Japanese enameling and kiln fired glass. Traditional paint simply does not possess the properties necessary to match the dioxazine purple of a pansy or the iridescent green of a butterfly’s wing. Alldredge developed a leafing process that can convert an already neutral palette into shimmering champagnes and wood tones into exotic metallic rusts and browns. “…where most artists are inspired by art in itself, I am inspired by what I see in nature.

I want to produce work that possesses the mystical properties of water or fire. When you look at a polished stone or a beetle, there is more beauty there than in any piece of art. It is frustrating though, nature is pretty talented with its own mixed media.” Alldredge is determined to use any medium or technology to capture his visions. His earliest accomplishments as a master watercolorist are still present in his highly technical work. Striving to retain movement, transparency, and purity in a world filled with it.

Etched Flowerk 78" x 39"