Ashley Collins

From sleeping on concrete studio floors to breaking price point records for living female contemporary painters, Collins has produced a diverse composition of works, many of which involve contemporary and abstract depictions of the horse. Collins' works can be found in such collections as the Redford Collection, the Horchow Collection, the Wynn Collection, the Rosenthal Collection; from corporate collections as varied as the CAA and 20th Century Fox, to the wineries of Trinchero, Harris, Gott and Corliss; and from such geographically diverse collections ranging from Brunei to Sydney, Munich to Argentina, London to New Zealand. Collins has surpassed both trend and time to create works which are distinct and carry an imprint which is instantly recognizable. Collins has exhibited with Robert Rauschenberg, Jim Dine, Laddie Dill, Robert Motherwell and others as her journey has progressed from rejection into successful acquisition by collectors, dealers, museums and clients worldwide.

Collins' process has evolved during her 25 year artistic journey. The paper aged in her studios, the process of application, the hidden or obscured imagery, and the figurative incorporation of animals, humans and invocation of text-collectively evoke a calm which overcomes the information overload of daily life. Collins' use of resin provides both depth and the desire to touch each piece. Go ahead, reach out, touch the surface. The resin, which Collins' moves across the surface with fire from a torch, not only provides a protective coating, but also aids in viewing the depth of layers. Many works have in excess of 30 or more layers - the amount of time that goes into each piece is simply astonishing!

Initially, the sheer scale of her works is overwhelming, particularly given Collins' 5'3" frame. Collins' series of 8' x 10' paintings, "Portrait Series" amplifies the faces of horses to mythic proportions. Her series of 8' x 10' "Colorfields" with hidden imagery bring warmth and depth, the evocation of harmony and freedom. Almost every week, the artist receives calls from collectors who own the work, expressing the discovery of a new hidden image, a different text, a previously unseen treat. Collins' work "Lass" has a repeated text that perhaps describes her work best: "I have spent most of my adult years erasing the layers of reality that covered the beautiful truths of childhood."

Bach, 84" x 96" Acrobat, 48" x 72" Home, 48" x 84" Petra, 48" x 72" North, 60" x 84" Spin, 60" x 84" Boots, 48" x 96" SOLD, Grace, 60" x 36" SOLD, Notorious Clowns, 60" x 48" SOLD - January 20th, 60" x 48"