Gérard Stricher was born in 1948 to a family of artists in Sarrebourg, France. As a child, he had ambitions and dreams of becoming a painter and drew prodigiously. Self-taught, he immersed himself in the art industry by surrounding himself in a café society of painters and frequently attended gallery openings. As his work and portfolio evolved, he began to travel extensively and broadened his artistic horizons by observing new people, cultures and different landscapes. Upon his return home to France, he acquired and settled in an old mill located in the historical northwestern county of Vexin, where he established his studio.

After several exhibitions in Paris, Stricher was introduced to various collectors and galleries that propelled the launch of his American career with a 2010 exhibition at the notable Peter Bartlow Gallery in Chicago. Since that time, his work has gained recognition among galleries across the world, and Stricher’s work has been acquired in public collections, including the PepsiCola Foundation of New York, as well as a few prestigious private collections.

My paintings are abstract, inspired by nature. I strive to get more and more texture on the canvas while balancing the heavy impasto with a delicate transparent touch. This gives the paintings a sculptural quality so correct lighting is an important component of viewing the work.

My signature is color, which I handle purely instinctively. I work only with oil and spend quite a lot of time on each painting. I want to get dreams, hope and happiness into my work. I strongly believe painting should contribute to a person’s happiness. I don’t follow any fashion or style per se. I focus on what I’m feeling and strive to convey those feelings in paint.” - Gérard Stricher

Avatar, 58 x 45 in. Paysage Geurrier, 58 x 45 in. Le Reve Deviant Realites, 58 x 45 Waiting for Spring, O/C 39x51"