Meredith Pardue

My paintings are visual records of nature’s cycles of growth and decay. I combine the random actions of painting with controlled, deliberate mark making to describe each form, which is often floral or plantlike in structure.

I could say that I intimate a certain relationship between physical and psychological space in my work, because in a sense that is true. But my approach to making a painting is much more comfortable, intuitive, and personal than that. And so, the result of this visual investigation—the painting—reflects that process. I am most interested in extracting singular experiences from nature’s endless cycles, and in transforming the public world of nature into a place of private knowledge.

MEREDITH PARDUE from Laura Rathe Fine Art on Vimeo.

Orchida Maui VII 36x36 Sea Change LXXV  40x30 Terrain_XXVI-Paper-30x22 Bloom VII, 36" x 36"