Ray Donley

It’s this combination of inscrutability and aristocratic beauty that seduces the viewer… in the same way that da Vinci’s portraits of nobility captured viewers of their day. Donley is what is known as a New Old Master, newly uncovering the subtleties and mysteries of old style oil painting method for a modern audience. And a master he is….

Since 1981, Mr. Donley has been exhibiting in museums, universities ad galleries in the U.S., Europe and in Mexico. The figures portrayed in his paintings -paintings that have over the years, attracted a near cult like following – form a part of the cycle of work he calls Los Bien Perdidos (the profoundly last ones). Mr. Donely currently lives in Austin, TX.

SOLD Bacchus, 38" x 34" SOLD "Vanitas," 40" x 36" "Sorcerer," 20" x 16" "Figure with White Mask," 24" x 24" El Perdido, 20" x 16" "Study for Blind Faith No More, 10" x 8" El Perdido #46