Ray Phillips

Ray Phillips has been an artist his entire life. Phillips' artistic passion and talent was recognized early in life by his mother through his prolific art. She sacrificed and provided him the unwavering support and encouragement which allowed him to study at the Museum of Fine Arts, Glassell School of Art. There, he began to understand and develop his talents and grow as an artist.

Phillips' early support and encouragement has paid off as his work continues to receive much acclaimed success in several industries. He has excelled artistically as both a professional musician and digital graphics artist and today, his 25 years of artistic experience across different platforms has been transformed into award winning visual art and paintings of profound insight and intensity - that have become the essence of his work.

...someone who believes "enough is never enough." "Each piece is like a series of small battles - something to overcome in an ongoing effort to please myself. The creative process is sometimes very exhausting, unlike the interpretation some have that it's always therapeutic with ideas just flying onto the canvas. I often feel completely spent after finishing a piece."

RAY PHILLIPS Shoot.Edit.Sleep from Laura Rathe Fine Art on Vimeo.

Boxing Ballet, 54" x 72" Neil, 24" x 63" Levitation, 45" x 65" Frank, 52" x 45"