Roi James

In my new work, I've sought to create archetypal icons in a mystical and symbolic form that are relevant and meaningful to modern culture and reference the questions and concerns of our times. More than ever, the old traditions of rigid certainty and tribalism are giving way to a recognition of the deeply complex systems of individual and cultural beliefs, and the awareness of the interrelationship of all people and things. It is the void created by the failure of the ancient icons in the face of the new consciousness that my work addresses.

Having emerged from a classical background inspired by the great romantic landscape painters such as J.M.W Turner, Claude Lorrain, Caspar David Friedrich, and Thomas Moran, I've found myself compelled to explore newer traditions such Abstract Expressionism, Op Art, and Minimalism and the paintings of Paul Klee, Joan Miro, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Bridget Riley, and Gerhard Richter etc. Through experimentation, I've discovered unorthodox methods of applying and moving oil paint to create archetypal forms that are infused with both a familiarity and a mysteriousness. It is the tension and drama of this paradox on which the potency of the image built. I am intrigued by the ability of the individual to distinguish form when staring into the unrecognizable and, how, when confronted with mystery and uncertainty, one can find meaning and understanding, and experience a sense of harmony within tension and chaos. These new works become contemporary spiritual icons of contemplation and meditation for the citizen of the modern world.

ROI JAMES "Inside the Studio" from Laura Rathe Fine Art on Vimeo.

Meditation 1.4.11, 42" x 42" Meditation 12.29.10, 54" x 66" Meditation 9.28.10, 96" x 36"