Kandis Susol

Kandis Susol

Kandis Susol’s encaustic paper sculptures engage with the inherent complexity of imperfection. Each unique, handmade sheet creates a dialogue with the next, both highlighting and obscuring certain inconsistencies while flowing together as a cohesive unit. These minute, yet significant differences inform our own placement in the world, as we navigate our flaws and strengths alongside each other. Taken together, the wax-coated papers ripple and dance with a tension that fluctuates with every new perspective. 


Susol’s work is inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony, which she studied for 4 years, where each bowl of tea is unassumingly sacred, served in the moment as a gentle peace offering. Her work mimics this spiritual clarity in its procedural nature and delicate movement. What could be seen as subdued rhythm effervescently bursts to life amidst an ocean of calm. She invites us to be as reflective as when we observe trees blowing in the wind, indulging in understated awe. 


“The paper invites me to look at my imperfections so that I may find a way to see we are all similar but unique, flawed but beautiful. Showing our bright side and our shadow side has meaning and necessity in our lives. Each sheet of paper is my offering for Peace.” — Kandis Susol 


Susol has studied fiber arts, paper making and encaustics throughout her career. She has exhibited at the Bellevue Arts Museum and the San Juan Islands Museum of Art, as well as numerous exhibitions throughout the Northwest.

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