Bronson Shonk

Bronson Shonk

Bronson Shonk’s works are visual representations of growth – a study of the cyclical nature of change. He currently works on both canvas and layers of plexiglass. The latter are bonded together to become free standing 3D paintings. Both the paintings and sculptures are developed through a time-intensive process of engraving and staining layers of intricate line work. The result is a unique riff on the sgraffito technique, a vibrant blend of drawing and painting. 


Bronson Shonk is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seattle. After a career in analytics, Shonk became a full-time artist creating bodies of work that explore the nature of growth and the relationships between structure and freedom.  


"My paintings and sculptures depict natural forms reaching in myriad directions like plants reaching upward, optimizing for sunlight. Analogous to a long exposure photograph of a dancer, the layers of drawn forms are stacked on top of themselves in their consecutive stages of growth. As the paintings progress and the sculptures are layered, the overlapping images move from recognizable organic forms toward abstract figures. "



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