Gene Kiegel

Gene Kiegel

“I believe the artist’s role is to remind people of the beauty which surrounds them. People are often drawn to the same objects, concepts and ideas, but for individual reasons.”           

-Gene Kiegel


Gene Kiegel is an interdisciplinary artist who engineers impressive structures by using an encaustic medium on canvas. By focusing on an organic transformation of his material through an engaging interaction of mediums his work weaves the blueprints of a familiar and primal edifice. The patterns create a complex structure for the viewer to remain captivated within a visual expedition of a micro landscape. Fascinated by growth and decomposition, creation and destruction, this series shows the universal organic beauty that exists at its most foundational level and can be found all around us. By magnifying the organic texture and growing through each successive layer, the patterns suggest images of a desert, a vast landscape of rocky mountains, or coral reef structures. The illusions are limitless. As the organic components respond and react to each other, they forage their place onto the canvas, whole-heartedly embodying its space and translating this feeling of comfort and ease onto its viewer. 


Gene Kiegel is a contemporary artist whose work shatters the boundaries between traditional fine art, modern art, and photography.  After graduating from UC Berkeley in Fine Art and Architecture, Gene pursued a creative and exciting career as a fashion photographer and art director.  His fine art work has been displayed in galleries in London, Europe and US (NY, Miami, LA) as well as Manege central exhibition hall in St Petersburg, Russia and Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.


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