Michael Laube

Michael Laube

Laube works within three dimensions using transparent acrylic glass to produce a spatial color effect. Creating a spatial illusion, the layers within each installation transform our visual experience to embrace the present moment.

Notable German painter & installation artist Michael Laube works on transparent acrylic glass in three dimensions that produce a spatial color effect similar to the artistic styles of Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko. His body of work transgresses the boundaries of traditional painting in his unique way, opening them up to different dimensions of space and time. Although the color in his acrylic glass objects and installations remains captured on the surface, it still seems dematerialized, disembodied, and never concretely localized. It becomes part of the surrounding space, woven into a dynamic, variable system of forces formed from light.

The refractions, reflections, and highlights of the painted acrylic glass sheets, often arranged in layers, transform as one walks past it, ruling out any absolute perception of Laube’s works. They challenge the viewer to change perspective and do not conform to the definition of pure objectivity.

Born in Coburg, 1955 | Studied in Art at the HdK, Berlin | Master Student of Georg Baselitz, 1986 - 1994

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