Nate Szarmach

Nate Szarmach

I am a contemporary American Artist living and working from my studio in Austin, Texas. My wife and I moved to Austin from Charlottesville, Virginia in June 2020. 


My creative vision is built on the foundation of these three pillars: interior design, architecture, and classical figurative painting. I went to school for Architectural Design where I earned a BFA in Architecture. Between my education and beginning my career as a full-time painter in 2019, I spent some time working as a residential interior designer focusing primarily on modern and contemporary design. While my work fits loosely into no certain genre, everything that I make utilizes textures, processes, memory and choreography to challenge the norms around how we typically share spaces with art. At the core, my work always revolves around moments of discovery and introspection that are catalyzed by the process necessary to appropriately view my work. I make work that puts the viewer in a position that they cannot easily engage with the subject and must call upon memories, biases, and imagination to make sense of what they see. To put it simply; I hope my work functions as a series of dots that ask to be connected. 

It is said that every painting an artist produces is a self portrait. I believe my fascination with clarity and obscurity is a direct reflection of the tensions that I feel within myself. Therefore, the search for harmony in my work is an extension of a desire for harmony internally and a celebration for the variety of things that make up my identity. While I'm often exploring the expression of discontent, frustration and confusion I do not believe my work is ultimately about those things but is actually about seeking to move through them. There is a sense that truth is just on the other side of our self imposed barriers. As my paintings are a reflection of myself, it is impossible to separate them from my emotions, my origin, my world view and my faith. While my work explores the tension felt by inward disunity, I resolves myself on the promise of eventual restoration in Christ Jesus. Praise God for the gift that is art making and self discovery.



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