Laura Rathe Fine Art announces Dreamers, a group exhibition featuring new work from the gallery’s roster of esteemed contemporary artists. This exhibition marks the gallery’s first show at their new River Oaks District location, opening to the public October 10th, Tuesday-Saturday 11-8pm and Sunday 11-6pm. LRFA will host the grand opening reception all day Saturday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 4th.


Dreams hold the keys to limitless creativity, allowing access to knowledge beyond personal experience, unfettered by the conscious, analytical mind. While dreams and their interpretations are essential to innovation, only a select few truly understand how to find and use them. Dreamers presents a group of artists, masters of this subconscious realm, who have turned their dreams into a mine for artistic inspiration. Whether beautiful or challenging, their works of art speak of alternate realities, where lines do not need a beginning nor an ending. They materialize our dreams to provide not an escape, but an extension of our day-today lives. Visions take form, and the effects can be infinite.


With the current state of affairs, the world is becoming increasingly polarized, wherein differences do not set us apart, but instead make us incompatible. By sharing the space in this artistic dreamland, we find commonality. In Dreamers, the subconscious mind is celebrated as a catalyst for change, uniting us not only externally with others, but helping us internally become whole.


Dreamers will be on display through Novermber 15th, 2020. FEATURED ARTISTS


Carly Allen-Martin, Cookie Ashton, Cassandria Blackmore, Gil Bruvel, Matt Devine, Gian Garofalo, Zhuang Hong Yi, Michael Laube, Gino Miles, Meredith Pardue, Caprice Pierucci, Gavin Rain, Paul Rousso, Michael Schultheis, Hunt Slonem, Jane Waterous, Audra Weaser, Chris Wood, and Sydney Yeager