Laura Rathe Fine Art announces a multimedia group exhibition introducing new artists Janna Watson, Marina Dunbar and Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova. LRFA will be hosting the opening reception on Thursday, August 19th from 6-9pm at their River Oaks District gallery (4444 Westheimer Rd.)


The powerful abstractions included in this introductory exhibition evoke curiosity, while simultaneously providing a mode for visual meditation. Differing degrees of restraint, painterly movement and complex layering coalesce into three distinct bodies of work, united by their harmonious nature. Through bold palettes and innovative usage of traditional mediums, the artwork presented challenges the balance between control and spontaneity, gestural emotional and delicacy, redefining femininity in art.

This exhibition will be on display through September 13th, 2021.



Janna Watson is a Canadian painter that uses abstraction as both an escape from and return to the real. As the world we know dematerializes into paint strokes, so too does her paint take stage as its very own character in a multi-act drama of composition. Bundles of colour, made up of discrete yet inseparable instances of pigment—what Watson refers to as “moments”—are teeming and poised as though caught mid-multiplication. Sweeps of paint re-direct sharply and fold over themselves; thin, rigid ink lines cut into the pictorial field as rudimentary elements in an increasingly complex system of painterly language. All the components play out on a surface of slow, chromatic gradation. Watson’s paintings circulate regularly at international fairs, including Art Toronto, CONTEXT Art Miami, and in Seattle, where they were recently featured by Artsy in its list of “10 Works to Collect at the Seattle Art Fair.”


Marina Dunbar was born in Minsk, Belarus, and moved to the United States when she was 9 years old. Currently based in Columbus, Georgia, Dunbar graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from Columbus State University. Her new body of work, Movements in Color, is nature-based abstractions driven by an exploration of movement, color & balance. Traces of time are captured between Dunbar's layers of watercolor. She is inspired by the aesthetics of floral x-ray photography. Developed by a radiologist in the 1930s, this documentation of plant forms resulted in a poetic merge of art & science. Drawing from the simplicity of this photography, Dunbar approaches her paintings with a sense of restraint; laying down transparent shapes of color & letting the interaction of hues establish depth & dynamic motion.


Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova is a visual artist from Slovakia that has been living in Ireland for over 15 years now, known for her three- dimensional paper artwork. Miriam graduated as a furniture designer and is inspired by geometry and mathematics; subjects that run strongly in her family, with her mother and sister who are math teachers. Juskova’s artwork, also known as Paper On Edge, is based on an old traditional technique of paper quilling. By combining art with her passion for mathematics and geometry, she introduces a unique visual art language. Each piece is created with a specific mathematical relationship, symmetry or sequence which results in mesmerizing architectural forms that come to life through Miriam’s clever use of colors, shapes and texture.