Laura Rathe Fine Art presents The Space Between, a stimulating group exhibition featuring Gil Bruvel, Caprice Pierucci and Michael Schultheis 


River Oaks District gallery, Laura Rathe Fine Art, is proud to announce The Space Between, a stimulating group exhibition featuring new works from renowned artists Gil Bruvel, Caprice Pierucci and Michael Schultheis. The opening reception will be held Thursday, March 23rd from 6-9pm at our River Oaks District gallery (4444 Westheimer).


The Space Between explores three artist’s unique understanding of art as a universal and transcendent language. Time and again, Bruvel, Pierucci and Schultheis continue to look at and draw on inspiration from artwork of the past, showing art as timeless. Furthermore, while each artist’s approach is different in technique, it is clear their practices serve as a form of meditation, acting as a reprieve from the outside world. Each artist operates outside the construct of time, for the same reason that when they create, time stops.


Throughout his practice, Bruvel often loses his sense of time as he is submerged in the creative process. It is through meditation that Bruvel is brought back to the present. Bruvel’s surrealist-inspired wood sculptures depict the calm energy of the different states of meditation. While the front of the works appear peaceful, the backs are uneven, portraying the chaos that can live inside our heads. 


With Pierucci, the linear elements of her delicate wood sculptures work not only in relationship with each other, but in relationship with the negative space between the forms. The process is organic, starting with one linear element and then constructing the next one in relation to what already exists in space. 


Schultheis’ work centers on relationships, both interpersonal and personal. The symbols and mathematical equations throughout his compositions are illustrations of the space between two individuals, visualizing the cyclical nature of relationships in the form of an arch. These faint arches, often in the background of the painting, express how periodically, those in a partnership can be aligned and at other moments, not. 


The Space Between will be on display through April 17th, 2023.