Laura Rathe Fine Art announces Tide Pools, an exciting exhibition featuring canvas-on-edge duo Stallman Studio and fine art photographer, Christy Lee Rogers. The opening reception will be held Thursday, January 14 from 5-8pm at their River Oaks District gallery (4444 Westheimer).


Powerful and mysterious, while also beautiful and healing- the duality of water is the source of constant experimentation for Stallman Studio and Christy Lee Rogers. Through highly unique processes, both artists seek out the balance between tranquility and suspense to create bodies of work that thoughtfully explore light, color and motion. Drawing inspiration from the patterns and gradients of the natural world, Stallman Studio’s canvas-on-edge technique mimics the subtle movements of the ocean, shifting gently as the viewer ambulates. Working in an equally kinetic fashion, the underwater photography of Christy Lee Rogers explores human movement in a weightless environment, casting an undeniable otherworldly quality to her work. Presented together, Tide Pools dissolves the boundaries of reality, turning the ordinary into extraordinary.


Tide Pools will be on display through February 11, 2021.





The Pacific Northwest based artistic duo, Stephen Strum and Jason Hallman, under the collective name Stallman, continues to develop their pioneering technique of paint on canvas, creating a series of mesmerizing sculptures. Their technique molds painted strips of canvas into compositions that shift in color and form depending on the viewer’s perspective. The pair has personified the unity of their collaboration into their canvases, inherently dissolving the boundaries between self and other. The collection holds complex emotional narratives in which it explores the notion of union. Stallman define the aspects of their project as follows: “Our union of dynamic minds dissolves the boundaries of what is possible turning the ordinary into extraordinary”.


Represented across the States as well as internationally, Stallman have exhibited their work in such far-flung cities as New York, Seattle, Dubai, and Hong Kong. Recently awarded the Carol Duke Artist Award of Excellence from the Bellevue Art Museum ARTS fair, their work has also been featured in many publications, including Vanguard Seattle, My Modern Met, LUXE Interiors + Design, and Fahrenheit magazine.



Rogers, originally from Kailua, Hawaii, obsession with water as a medium is breaking the conventions of contemporary photography. Her work is compared to Baroque paintings masters like Caravaggio because of her use of light within photographs mirrors the effects of chiaroscuro, contrasts between light and dark. Her work is vibrant and complex with figures dancing underwater at night in bright fabrics and ballerina-like positions. The recipient of the 2019 Sony World Photography Award, Rogers’ work has been exhibited throughout the US and internationally, and was recently featured by Apple.